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Don't forget your appointments!
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Did you ever forget the Reminder of your friend/wive/husband ? Well I did ! Therefore I wrote a program that reminds me of important events. The program starts warning an adjustable (for every event) number of days in advance so you have ample time to buy a present or send a letter.

Reminder is the name of that program, it is a "reminder" for events. It runs under W95/98/00/NT/XP/Vista/7. The Demo version can be freely downloaded and is fully fuctional during 30 days.
Registration only costs US$ 10,-. You will get an unlimited fully functional program. You will be alerted of updates by e-mail. Registered users may download them freely.

View the PADGen picture.xml file and the PADGen picture.htm file and the


At startup of your computer Reminder is started.
It shows events within an adjustable period before and after the event.
You can change the words and their order used in the alerts.
If you like it you may enable the built in timer so the program will be visible for an adjustable time.
Main window
In order to keep the interface as simple a possible I used buttons to interface with the program in stead of using menu's. You will find these buttons at the top of the program window of Reminder. From left to right they are:

Button New New
Normally you don't need this button "New". You may edit the default Reminder file to accommodate all your wishes.
If you want to create a new file from scratch use this button.

Button Open Open
The default filename of the reminder data file, with all reminder data is called "Reminder.dat". Reminder automatically reads this file at first startup.
In order to open another file, use this "Open" button. Note that Reminder will remember the last file read. So to see "Reminder.dat" at startup again you will have to open it before closing Reminder.

Button Edit Edit
After clicking the "Edit" button the Edit window is shown. In this window you see a review of all alerts entered.
Edit window
Click the "Edit Properties" button in the Edit window to show the "Properties window".
Properties window
This is the window where you can change:
Button Tranlate Translate
The first window of the translate procedure is the Word Order window. Here you can change the order of the words in the messages.
Word order window
To change the order of the words in the message click one of the pink words and replace it by selecting another word from the pull down list.
In this way any word order may be constructed. Words with an "#" before it are replaced by the program:

#Date = the date of the alert
#Message = the event
#Period = the number of days
#Text1 = to be used freely
#Text2 = to be used freely
#Text3 = to be used freely
"-" will be invisible in the message.

In the lower part of the window you can inspect the results of your changes.
In the default word order supplied, Text1 and Text2 are filled with resp. "(" and ")" so the date is included enclosed with brackets. Click the "Translate" button to translate the messages to your favorite language, then correct the word order if needed.
Translate window
As shown every word can be replaced by its translation. In the default translation file (c:\windows\Reminder.ini) the translation is the same as the original word. For some languages, after translating, you will have to correct the word order.

Button Save Save
Clicking the "Save" button saves the Reminder data. This button is only enabled when the data have been changed. If needed the changed data will be automatically saved closing the program.

Button Options Options
Click the "Options" button to show the Options window.
Config window
In this window you can change the:
Button Informatie Information
Click the "Information" Button to show the Information menu.
Info window
It has three items:
"Help Contents" - Click this item to get the contents of the help pages
"Help Index" - Click this item, to get the Index of the Help pages.
"About" - Click this item to get information about the program and the author.
About window
Click the "Register" Button in the About window to start the registration process.

Button Exit Exit
Click the "Exit" Button to end the program. If data have been changed, they will be saved automatically.


The demo of the program Reminder is freely available. If you like it please register the program. For only US$ 10,- you get a fully functional program and you will be notified of updates and bug fixes. You can always download the latest version enjoying most of your registration. The small fee for registration enables me to continue improving the program.
Do you have any remarks please send them to me by e-mail. Give the demo to your friends !


Download the program now. The demo is free. You may try the program without any risk; it can be simply removed from your computer ("Start | Configuration | Configuration window | Reminder" => Click the Add/Remove Button).

Download the program as follows:
First method (download and install):

Second method: (download and save)


Installing the program is very simple too. Assuming the downloaded file has been saved in "c:\Temp" then: Now follow the directions in the setup program to install Reminder on your computer.