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Did you ever save some information on your hard disk and forget where? Well I did! Therefore I wrote a program that stores information in a structured way. The information is stored in a tree structure. So it can be easily retreived.

SIM is the name of that program, it is a Simple Information Manager. It runs under W95/98/00/NT/Vista/7. The Demo version can be downloaded free and is fully fuctional during 30 days.
Registration costs only US$ 10,-. You will get an unlimited fully functional program. You will be alerted of important updates by e-mail. Registered users may download them freely.

View the PADGen picture.xml file and the PADGen picture.htm file.


At startup of SIM you will see the Main Window, divided in two parts. At the left, in the Items Window, is the tree structure, at the right, in the Contents Window, is the information corresponding to the selected item in Items Window.
Main window

In order to keep the interface as simple a possible I used buttons to interface with the program in stead of using menu's. You will find these buttons at the top of the program window of SIM. From left to right they are:
The default filename of the SIM data file, with all SIM data is called "sim.dat". SIM automatically reads this file at first startup.
In order to open another file, use this "Open" button. Note that SIM will remember the last file read. So to see "sim.dat" at startup again you will have to open it before closing SIM.
Create a number of shortcuts to SIM on your Desktop to easily access a number of different data files. Click the Update Button to create a shortcut on the desktop to the current data file.

Click the "Save" button to save your data. Every time the data is saved two old versions of your data are saved too.

Click the "Backup" button to Make Backups of your data files or Restore them.

Click the "Backup" button to check (if an internet connection in active) for the availability of a newer version of SIM.

Make Shortcut
With this speedbutton you may put a Shortcut on the Desktop. Clicking this Shortcut starts SIM with the current Data file. In this way you may put a number of Shortcuts on the desktop to easily access your favorite SIM files.

Click the "Options" button to show the Options Form:

Config window

The items of the Options Form are:


Click the "Information" Button to show the Information menu. It has two items:

About window

Click the "Register" Button in the About window to start the registration process.


Click the Exit Button to end the program. For your safety a window apears where you can save the changes, discard them or return to the program.
N.b. this window only shows if the data have been changed.
Exit window


The demo of the program SIM is free. If you like it please register the program. For only US$ 10,- you get a fully functional program and you will be notified of updates and bugfixes. You can always download the latest version enjoying most of your registration. The small fee for registration enables me to continue improving the program.
Do you have any remarks please send them to me by e-mail. Give the demo to your friends!


Download the program now. The demo is free. You may try the program without any risk; it can be simply removed from your computer (Start | Configuration | Configuration window | SIM => Click the Add/Remove Button).

Download the program as follows:
First method (download and install):
Second method: (download and save)


Installing the program is very simple too. Assuming the downloaded file has been saved in "c:\Temp" then:
Now follow the directions in the setup program to install SIM on your computer.