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Make better Web Pages, use ckRGB!
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Designing Web Pages one often wants to copy colors from an example. ckRGB is a very handy tools to do this. The program is a "Color Picker", it picks colors from the screen and shows the Haxadecimal value of the Color Value and the "Web Save" value of the color.
The color may be easily adjusted with three controls.

How does it work


Click the button "Options" to get the Options Window:
Use the window to select the way ckRGB samples the screen color:


ckRGB is freely available. When you have questions or suggestions don't hessitate to send them to by mail. Give the program to you friends and family!


Download the program now. The program is free. You can try the program without any risc; It can be easily removed again from your computer ("Start | Configuration Screen | Software | ckRGB" => Click the button "Remove").
Download the program as follows:

First method (download and install):
This is the simplest way:
Second method (download and save):
Use this method if you want to install Birthday on a second computer or give the demo to your friends.
Installing the program is very simple too. Assuming the downloaded file has been saved in "c:\Temp" then: Now follow the instructions of the setup program to install ckRGB on your computer.