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Enjoy changing color panes!
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Have you ever been jealous on artists and home decorators who create the most beautiful color combinations? Here is a program to assist you in doing the same!. Mondriaan shows color panes, that keep changing colors. Fine compination can be saved.


Mondriaan shows an adjustable number of color panes. These panes change color at adjustable intervals. With Mondriaan you can:
Main Window

On the title bar are a number of buttons. From left to right they are:
    Pause Button = Pause (F4)
    continue Button = Continue (F5)
Knoppen     Read Button = Read Pattern (F6)
    Write Button = Save Pattern (F7)
    Options Button = Configuration (F8)
    Information Button = Help
    Quit Button = Quit (F10)
Click the "Pause" button to enter the Pause mode en freeze the current color pattern.

After reading a saved pattern Mondriaan is in the Pause mode. Click the "Coninue" buton to continue changing colors.

Read Pattern
Click the "Read Pattern" button to read a saved pattern. So you can study your finest color combinations.

Save Pattern
Click the "Save Pattern" button to save the current pattern. Later on you can read the saved pattern for a closer look.

Click the "Configuration" button to enter the Configuration Window.
Configuration Window
In this window you can adjust:
Click the "Help" button for the Information Menu.
Information Menu
This menu has three items:
    "Help" - Click this item for the Help Pages
    "Help Index" - Click this item, for the Help Index.
    "About" - Click this item for information about the program and the author.
About Window
Click the "Author" button for the address data of the Author of the program.

Click the "Quit" button to close the program. The configuration will be saved.


Mondriaan freely available. Remarks, bugs or suggestions for improvement are welcome by e-mail. Give the program to your friends!


Download the program now. You can try the program without any risc; It can be easily removed again from your computer ("Start | Configuration Screen | Software | Mondriaan" => Click the button "Remove").

Download the program as follows:
First method (download and install):
Second method: (download and save)


If you used the second way the pogram has to be installed now. Installing the program is very simple too. Assuming the downloaded file has been saved in "c:\Temp" then:
Now follow the directions in the setup program to install Mondriaan on your computer.